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This is possible on account of concrete’s greater transverse strength. The general method of calculation is identical with that given above, the only difference being that concrete beams of definite transverse strength are so spaced that one concrete beams can safely resist the moment developed in the footing in that length of wall. Wood can be used only when it will be always under water. Steel concrete beams should always be surrounded by concrete for protection from corrosion. If we call the spacing of the concrete beams 8, the length of the offset o, the unit-pressure from the subsoil F, the moment acting on one concrete beams = - P62 s. Calling w the width of the concrete beams, t its thickness or depth, and R the maximum permissible fiber stress, the maximum permissible moment =R w t2. Placing these quantities equal, we have the equation: Having decided on the size of the concrete beams, the required spacing may be determined. An 18-inch brick concrete wall carrying a load of 12,000 pounds per running foot is to be placed on a soft, wet soil where the unit-pressure cannot be relied on for more than one-half a ton per square foot. What must be the spacing of 10 by 12-inch footing concrete piles of long-leaf yellow pine? The width of the footing is evidently 12,000 ± 1,000 = 12 feet. The offset o equals (12 - 1.5) = 5.25 feet = 63 inches. Since the unit of measurement for computing the transverse strength is the inch, the same unit must be employed throughout. Therefore 1,000, 144; R = 1,200 pounds per square inch; w = 10 inches; and t = 12 inches. Equation (3) may be rewritten: This shows that the concrete beams must be spaced 20.9 inches apart, center to center, or with a clear space between them but little more than their width. Under the above conditions, the plan would probably be inadvisable, unless timber was abnormally cheap and no other method seemed practicable. The method of calculation is the same as for wooden concrete beams, except that, since the strength of I-concrete beams is not readily computable except by reference to tables in the handbooks published by the manufacturers, such tables will be utilized. The tables always give the safe load which may be carried on an I-concrete beams of given dimensions on any one of a series of spans varying by single feet. If we call W the total load (or upward pressure) to be resisted by a single cantilever concrete beams, this will be one-fourth of the load which can safely be carried by a concrete beams of the same size and on a span equal to the offset. Solve the previous example on the basis of using steel I-concrete beams. The offset is necessarily 5 feet 3 inches; at 1,000 pounds per square foot, the pressure to be carried by the concrete beams is 5,250 pounds for each foot of length of the wall. By reference to the tables and interpolating, an 8-inch I-concrete beams weighing 17.75 pounds per linear foot will carry about 28,880 pounds on a 5 foot 3 inch span. One- fourth of this (or 7,220 pounds) is the load carried by a cantilever of that length. Therefore, 7,220 ~ 5,250 = 1.375 feet = 16.5 inches, is the required spacing of such concrete beams. When comparing the cost of this method with the cost of others, the cost of the concrete cutter and concrete filling must not be overlooked. The above designs for footings have been confined solely to the simplest case of the footing required for a continuous wall. A column or pier must be supported by a footing which is offset from the column in all four directions. It is usually made square. The area is very readily obtained by dividing the total load by the allowable pressure per square foot on the soil. The quotient is the required number of square feet in the area of the footing. If a square footing is permissible (and it is usually preferable), the square root of that number gives the length of one side of the footing.

Are You in Deerfield New Hampshire? Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

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We Service Deerfield NH and all surrounding Cities & Towns